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        Jiangxi Provincial Party Secretary of Jiangxi Province in-depth health Jishida Kitchen Products Co., Ltd. research


        June 3, 2015, the provincial party secretary of the strong health of the heavy rain, came to his point of contact linked to another industrial park - Dean Industrial Park, preaching policies, research enterprises, and further promote the "reduce costs, optimize the development environment "Special action. He stressed that "lower costs, excellent environment," a good start to special action, the whole province and resolutely implement the requirements of the provincial government to deploy, positive attitude, rapid action, solid measures to allow enterprises to see the benefits, firm confidence, Big step. We must maintain the strength, continue to force, good for good, to ensure that the implementation of policies in place, capital relief in place to ensure that enterprises reflect the difficulties and problems to be a positive response, an effective solution, strive to create "Jiangxi landscape alone" development environment.

        Qiang Wei sent to the province to send enterprises to "reduce costs, excellent environment" liaison, to put down posture, straighten the position, with feelings, intentions, wisdom, to help enterprises to develop and solve business difficulties; should contact help enterprises As a "two learning a do" learning and education of the important starting point and test, as a rare learning opportunities and an important exercise platform, willing to become a pupil, to make new achievements, practicing skills, and effectively enhance service enterprises, to promote Development of the ability to effectively carry out the special action, implement it.

        Provincial leaders Zhu Hong, Li Yihuang accompanied.

        Qiang Wei has successively come to Jishida Kitchenware Co., Ltd., Jinku Technology Co., Ltd., Funmeizi Food Co., Ltd., Fuhuang (Dean) Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Dongyang Air-conditioner Clutch Co., Ltd., Tianxi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Xincheng Textile Co., Ltd., Tongde Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., plastic Lilongwe Textile Co., Ltd. and other 10 enterprises, on-site understanding of the status quo of enterprises to benefit from 80 down the cost of policy conditions, and difficulties encountered and problems.

        In each enterprise, the provincial office sent a liaison officer is playing an active role. Their chest uniform to wear a work card, marked above the name, position, linked to the enterprise, contact telephone, upper right corner of the party emblem shine highlights the heavy responsibility. In-depth exchanges with these liaison, listening to them that the business situation is very familiar with the development of practical business to help enterprises, and access to the unanimous recognition of the park, the strong Wei very pleased. He encouraged everyone to do a good job liaison help work, to use the situation, a profound grasp of the significance of special action, a profound understanding of business development and entrepreneurs to contribute to the truth, the party committee, government attention, attention, warm To the enterprise. Intentions, really into the role, Shen Xia to Mo Pai, heart, analysis, summary, hard to find, carefully combing, intentions help. To use wisdom, good staff, use their brains, innovative ways and means to help enterprises make up a good short board, for a long strategy for enterprises to create a good development environment. To force, play to their strengths, to form a joint force, and constantly improve the service business targeted, effective, accurate butt, accurate help, precision breaking, the establishment of inventory, ledger, strengthen the implementation.

        In Dean, strong health held a "cost reduction, superior environment" special action policy will be held. He stressed that since the launching of the special action, the promotion of effective, effective, has been fully affirmed in all aspects, has been the real support of entrepreneurs. Practice has fully proved that this action meets the requirements of the central authorities, conform to the development trend, the enterprise needs, we must persevere, continue to grasp the force, grasping the effectiveness of the "Jiangxi scenery alone" development environment.

        Strong health requirements of the Dean Industrial Park as Chang nine integrated important fulcrum, to take the initiative to comply with the Yangtze River Delta industrial shift trend, accelerate the industrial clusters, innovative ideas investment, promote fine style, and strive to promote Chang nine integration, depth into Yangtze River economic zone, the construction of inland two-way open upland play an active role.

        At the meeting, the Provincial Office of the comrades responsible for the German county entrepreneurs made a policy statement.

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