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        Shanghai China Trade Fair won the "Innovation Award"


        March 5, 2016, Jiangxi Jishida Kitchen Products Co., Ltd. in the 26th East China Import and Export Commodity Fair, with innovative new products won the "26th East China Import and Export Fair Innovation Award" for the Kyrgyzstan of the matter " Focus on product innovation, health cooking "business philosophy to add a wonderful footnote. General Manager Qiu Shengui personally attend and take the stage to accept the award, fully demonstrates the company's attention to this award.

        Any company engaged in kitchen supplies in order to now in the fierce competition in the kitchen market for a long time to survive, do not understand the innovation, do not understand the independent research and development of new products that will be fatal. It is precisely because I have the Secretary for innovation, independent research and development to meet the market demand for a variety of products, our company in a short period of six months of construction time, our team is constantly growing, the sales market is constantly expanding , And access to the East China Fair so a big affirmation, but also demonstrates our ability.

        Jishi Da won the 26th East China Import and Export Commodity Fair Innovation Award, in fact and deserved. Jishida was established in 2015, the establishment of the beginning, we have been adhering to the "continuous innovation, the courage to innovate" business philosophy, I have been Secretary for five products made a patent. In the future I will continue to follow the Secretary for some business philosophy, the development of a hot-selling products, so that more customers know that I Division, and I like the Secretary for products.

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