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        Your present location:HOME >> News >> Company News >> Dean County Luoxiao Nong Xiong Jinxi and other county leaders on-site scheduling Jiangxi Jishida kitchen supplies Co., Ltd. Major industrial projects

        Dean County Luoxiao Nong Xiong Jinxi and other county leaders on-site scheduling Jiangxi Jishida kitchen supplies Co., Ltd. Major industrial projects


        June 12, 2015 afternoon, Dean county party secretary Luo Xiaonong, deputy secretary of county Party committee, county Xiong Jinxi, county deputy secretary Yu Bin deep county industrial park, on-site scheduling major industrial project construction.

         Luo Xiaogong and his entourage came to Jiangxi Jishida Kitchen Products Co., Ltd. and other major industrial projects site, on-site view the progress of the project to coordinate the settlement of existing problems, arrangements for the deployment of the next step to promote the task. On the Kyrgyzstan of the kitchen supplies Co., Ltd. to give a high degree of development expectations.

        Luo Xiaogong pointed out that the first half of the past, the focus of scheduling the construction of industrial projects have slow block, the overall effect from the expected target gap. At present, we should strive to overcome the weather conditions when the sunny weather, through the sunny big, rainy Qiaogan, precision organization, scientific construction, to minimize the impact of weather on the project construction. Individual projects there is a shortage of funds, construction stagnation, the responsible leadership and service units to strengthen communication with the merchants, grasp the primary information in an effort to coordinate the resolution of funding issues. The two projects are facing raw water supply and waste water discharge problems. The park, water supply and environmental protection departments should study the solution early to ensure that all elements of the project put into production are guaranteed. Luo Xiaogong stressed that it is necessary to further strengthen the intensity of the project scheduling and effectiveness, strengthen the tracking service, master the project upstream and downstream industry chain, and actively promote the business investment and industrial investment. Some of the main project completion of the project to speed up the installation of equipment, road hardening, landscaping, as soon as possible to achieve production.


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