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        Jiangxi Kingstyle Kitchenware Co.,ltd was founded in April of 2015 with the investmentof RMBl.8 hundred million. It covers an area of 72,000 square meters. It is a booming developing company which specialized in the researching & developing, manufacturing and selling of die-casting aluminum non-stick kitchenwa re.

        Till now our factory own 6 vacuum aluminum die-casting machines, 2 exclusively designed automatic coating spraying line and tens of CNC lathe processing machine tools.It can produce 600,000pcs per month. Our factory is equipped with the most advanced technicists and management team. Most of our engineers and managers have more than10 years' experiences in this field .

        It is located at the industrial park of De'an, which is a beautiful county in Jiujiang City,Jiangxi province. It is in the south of the famous mountain Lu Shan and the Po Yang River.It is only 45kms away from Jiujiang port, 5kms away from the train station of De'an and Gongqing city, 60kms away from Changbei international airport. It is a graceful place which has convenient transportation advantage.

        We are devoting ourselves to becoming the most professional die-casting kitchenware supplier. We will offer the best services for our customers based on our competitive ability and innovative idea. We will always strive for making friendly and win-win cooperative
        relationship with our customers.

        Support hotline:86-792-356668/3566688
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